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The changes in the travel industry have been immense over recent years, with new technologies and innovations making it easier than ever before to book your next adventure.

The travel industry has seen many changes over the years due to technological advancements. With new technology, it is easier for companies in this space to offer their services and improve customer experience.

Decades ago, the idea of using a mobile phone to check into a hotel was incomprehensible. Now, it’s almost common place.

With new technology developing at a fast rate and the travel industry considering implementing contactless solutions are critical in providing safe guest experiences. But many hoteliers are still learning about the newest contactless solutions, and others question just how secure they may be.

While digitalization has brought various positive changes to the industry, it has also increased the risks of fraud. In the travel industry, online scams come in different ways. As a result, the role of online identity verification in the travel industry has increased significantly.

Types of Frauds in the Travel Industry

There are also risks associated with these advancements like data breaches or security credentials being stolen. One of the famous travel booking website, Orbitz revealed a security breach that happened in late 2017. The incident exposed the private data, including payment card details of thousands (and possibly millions) customers who had booked hotels through their site before it was taken down for four days after learning about what had occurred.

Fraud in the travel industry can come in various forms, such as:

  • Stolen credit card information used to book travel accommodations or make other purchases.
  • Identity theft, where a person's personal information is compromised and used to make fraudulent bookings.
Over the past few years, the travel industry has become a popular destination for cybercriminals.

How ID Verification from Xpress AI Helps

To mitigate the risks of fraud in the travel industry, many companies are adopting identity verification solutions. These tools use advanced technologies like biometrics, machine learning algorithms, and document verification to verify the identity of a person.

Identity verification is a crucial part of the travel industry, allowing airlines, hotels, and other travel companies to identify their customers and build loyalty with exclusive promotions. With Xpress AI, businesses are able to quickly and accurately verify customer identities using advanced machine learning techniques. Whether you need to check in for your flight or check into your hotel.

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