Why Digital Onboarding and ID Verification are Keys to The Insurance Sector’s Success

Insurance is a product that's typically bought, not sold. They are traditionally relied on insurance agents to sell their products to customers, and it was only available face-to-face (like purchasing, updating or canceling one’s insurance policy).

However, in recent years, digital onboarding and ID verification have become key components to insurance companies' success. Thanks to these technologies, insurance providers can now more easily and efficiently onboard new customers digitally, verifying their identity at the same time. This not only increases efficiency for insurers, but also offers increased security and convenience for customers.

Digital onboarding and ID verification are important for insurance companies because they:

  • Allow for a quick and easy way to onboard new customers .
  • Improve security by verifying customer identity .
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Enhance customer convenience by allowing them to do everything online or through a mobile app .

From beginner to expert in 30 days

Overall, digital onboarding and id verification help insurance companies improve their customer experience, leading to more customers and more business..

ID Verification by Xpress AI was certified by Bank Negara. Making it the safe and obvious choice for eKYC compliance in Malaysia.

How ID Verification from Xpress AI Helps

Xpress AI is the leading provider of ID verification services. We offer a quick and easy way for insurance companies to onboard new customers and verify their identity. Our services are available online or through a mobile app, making it convenient for customers. We also provide enhanced security by using the latest in facial recognition and biometric authentication technology. To know more about our services, you may schedule a demo.

Enterprise On-Premise Deployment

We offer on-premise deployment to ensure compliance with security and privacy laws.

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