Identity Verification

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Everything you need for your ID Verification

Face Matching

ID Verification is a cutting-edge service that uses the latest in artificial intelligence to match your face with any photo on an ID.

ID Data Extraction

ID Verification technology advances even further with the use of OCR, which extracts all data from an identification into easy-to read fields.

Detect Fraud

ID Verification ensures that the card isn't being maliciously counterfeited by checking for all of its required security features.

PDF Reports and Audits

A single click to generate PDF report of all validations for records and compliance. This can be integrated with other system as well.


$99 Setup fee plus $0.50 Per scan

  • Face Matching
  • Liveness Detection
  • ID Fraud Detection
  • ID Data Extraction
  • PDF Reports and Audits
  • Hologram Detection
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One of the top insurance companies use ID Verification by Xpress AI


Frequently asked questions

What does ID Verification by Xpress AI do?
ID Verification by Xpress AI provides a Mobile SDK and a Web Identity Verification product to enable your business to verify the identity of your users, as well as Face Authentication as a reusable verification in under a few seconds.
Which documents are supported?
ID Verification support Malaysia Identification and Passport. The system is built to capture any identity document, even if we do not officially support it. This way, you never leave a customer out in the dark and everyone can undoubtedly go through the verification step!
Which devices are supported?
ID Verification's Web SDK supports all popular web browsers, and our Mobile SDK supports iOS, Android and React Native.
How does ID Verification check whether documents are authentic?
ID Verification uses Optical character recognition (OCR) and object detection technologies to scan the Machine Readable Zone of a document, which includes a set of validation checks to check whether the document is authentic.
How do you treat my data?
Xpress AI never uses, extracts or stores personal data for own use. Therefore, any extracted personal information on scanned identification documents is solely used for the intended purposes. Although our software uses machine learning, the data used to improve our software never includes any personal information.
Do you allow the ID Verification run on my own server?
Yes. ID Verification by Xpress AI can be deployed locally in your own server to meet your compliance.

Enterprise On-Premise Deployment

We offer on-premise deployment to ensure compliance with security and privacy laws.

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