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The first no-code / low-code development tool kit for Artificial Intelligence

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Xpress AI is part of Skymind, founded by Eduardo Gonzalez in 2020.

Xpress AI is the first no-code / low-code development tool kit for Artificial Intelligence. The company provides a suite of tools to allow AI creators to create, list and sell their AI model template or the model itself on the Xpress AI Marketplace. Our mission is to make it easy for anyone with ideas about how machine learning can be applied, even without coding skills, by providing them with all they need in one place: an intuitive interface that helps you build your own neural network models and deploy them as services on cloud or on-premise.

Xircuits is an open-source, Apache-2.0 License, a Jupyterlab-based extension that enables visual, low-code, training workflows. It is the perfect tool for anyone who wants to quickly and easily create executable python code. With Xircuits, you can easily build custom workflows that enable you to perform your own data analysis.

Xpress AI serves AI creators including developers and data scientist and boasts a new AI model created in less than an hour on its platform. One of the key solutions developed using xircuits is the ID Verification. The ID Verification solution has been successfully deployed at one of the largest banking groups in Southeast Asia.

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