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Perform your KYC obligations easily while reducing fraud with ID Validation. Safeguarding you and your customers.

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ID Verification for eKYC Compliance

Certified by Bank Negara, our solutions represent the safest choice for eKYC compliance in Malaysia. Even if your organization is not required to follow regulations from Bank Negara, our ID Verification is able to meet your needs in the financial sector. Using our ID Verification solutions ensures that all your data is encrypted and stored securely while further verifying the identity of users.

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Reduce Friction and Fraud

ID verification simplifies the processing of onboard new customers efficiently and effectively. Whether through an app or mobile site, they can be verified within minutes instead of days while minimizing the risk of fraud. If you're looking to speed up your onboarding process and reduce friction, ID Verification by Xpress AI is the way to go!

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ID Verification’s suite has a wide range of features that makes it versatile and easy to use. From small businesses, all the way up to large enterprises.

Face Matching

ID Verification is a cutting-edge service that uses AI to match your face with any photo on an ID.

ID Data Extraction

ID Verification technology advances even further with the use of OCR, which extracts all data from an identification process and translates said data into easy-to read fields.

Detect Fraud

ID Verification ensures that the card isn't being maliciously counterfeited by checking for all of its required security features.

Palm Recognition

ID Verification can optionally match users palm prints, which allows high-security applications to even tell identical twins apart.

Liveness Detection

Using the Liveness Detection feature ensures that the user isn't using an image or video of the person they are trying to impersonate.

Hologram Detection

The system will check if there is a correct hologram in the ID document to prevent people from trying to make fraudulent ID documents.

PDF Reports and Audits

A single click to generate a PDF report of all validations for records and compliance. This can be integrated with other system as well.

Mobile SDKs

The ID Verification can be integrated with mobile applications through our SDK for iOS, Android and React Native.

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World Class Performance

ID Verification is the new way to keep your finances safe and secure. It’s used by some of largest financial institutions in Malaysia, so you know it's going be good!

Over 200K+ Scans has been processed.

15K+ Hours of labor saved.

98% Improvement in Customer Satisfaction.

USD 2M+ Saved by automated the process

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